My name is Tuğçe.

I am a Creative Director and Marketing Consultant with Copywriter background with 10+ years of experience in advertising.

I’ve worked with renowned global brands, including P&G, Bayer, Reckitt, Nike, and Hayat Co., across various regions, including EMEA.

My works have won over 35 awards, global recognition including Clio Awards, New York Festivals and have been referenced many times in academic theses.

With a strong understanding of analytic strategic thinking, I’ve thrived in global agencies like Publicis Groupe, Oliver, Havas, VMLY&R.

I excel at building and leading teams to create award-winning campaigns, implementing AI-powered workflow that streamlines with processes to increase creativity and reducing costs.

Being creative is hard. Creative processes are painful.

This idea is outdated.

I have developed and implemented a unique directorial methodology, fostering a pattern that empowers my team to continuously learn and improve. This approach has resulted in a collaborative and dynamic environment, where growth and innovation thrive, elevating the overall success of our creative endeavors.

Most proud of being…

Inspirer of gender equality.
Developed a character named Anti Princess (Veet), created artificial intelligence based campaign Try Once (Nike) and reached youngs for women empowerment.

Supporter of sustainable nature and sources.
Had the chance to be part of Lipton and Knorr sustainability projects.

Scuba diver and a lifelong tennis player.
Advanced to deal with pressure and communicate with different languages.

Passionate learner of psychology and sociology.
Improved analytical skills of problem solving at work and personal life.